Pick-Up Lines

Starting a conversation with a funny pick-up line is a playful way to start talking with a crush you like or just have fun with friends. We have written many articles from sweet and cheesy lines to dirty pick-up lines. Just choose the best fitting line for you and your crush. Remember to be confident, because it is just as important as having a great line to start flirting.

What Is a Pick-Up Line?

It is a fun way to approach your crush to break the ice and start talking. It is usually quite an obvious sign to give that you like someone. Always remember to treat people with respect because being a douchebag doesn’t give you long conversations!

You can also try starting conversations with jokes and why not riddles. Just remember to be yourself and try not to overthink. Life is boring without cheesy jokes. If you like our stuff then feel free to share it with your friends.

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