FUN AND LAMES is a website where you can find great articles that hopefully will make your day. We have gathered various jokes we think are hilarious and party games you can play with your friends and family.

We also enjoy riddles and really hope you do as well. Nothing better than a great brain teaser to solve.

It’s not always fun and games it is more like FUN AND LAMES.


Hilarious jokes

Big variety of hilarious jokes from knock-knock jokes and cheesy puns to Chuck Norris jokes and Dad jokes. We have jokes for kids and adults (all ages) and for all kinds of humor.


Cheesy pick-up lines to break the ice with your crush or just have fun with friends. Short Instagram caption ideas and Would you rather questions to test your relationships.

Party Games

Great party games for all ages. Some topics are about drinking games others for all types of parties.


Funny riddles with answers for kids, teenagers, and adults (for all ages). Brain teasers ranging from easy to hard riddles. Best way to train yourself to think outside the box.

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